Welcome! My name is Nick Kallof and I’m here to help Houston area students from middle and high school up to the university level. If you need help on homework, projects, or want to review before exams, I am exactly the person you are looking for.

I can provide you with my expertise on the following subjects:

  • English (including AP)
  • World History
  • Economics
  • US History (including AP)
  • US Government (including AP)
  • Geography
  • Other liberal arts and social studies courses

I am very passionate about history, politics, and writing. In my opinion communication, civics, critical thinking, as well as understanding the bigger picture and the reasons behind why we do things, all relate to these subjects and help us grasp reality in order to assist with decisions in our lives. Throughout my tutoring experiences, I have noticed that once a student can apply the curriculum to concepts like these, their study material becomes easier to learn and more fun to explore & talk about.

Please review my site and email me if you or a student you know (your child, your fellow classmates, your friend, or your classroom students) needs more focus or additional assistance in these subject areas. I am happy to use my knowledge and enthusiasm to benefit you or your student!